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Live Fish & Sushi Restaurant Capo Vaticano near Tropea | Menu Γ€ la carte

Eat. Love. Live
From traditional seafood cuisine to a new concept

Live Fish & Sushi

Enjoy the best of Mediterranean and Nipponese Fusion Cuisine.

A new reality for all lovers of seafood and Fusion cuisine.

Discover our menu

Γ€ la Carte

Why would you ever settle for it?

Our varied Γ€ la Carte Menu allows you to travel, discover new Flavors from one part of the World to another, and enjoy a one-of-a-kind food experience πŸš€

Elegance, Fineness and Creativity.

From the varied Sushi Rolls, Nigiri, Sashimi to Seafood Tastings, Delicacies and many other dishes.

Enjoy the best of Mediterranean Cuisine and Nipponese Cuisine!

One word, our creed: "Live."

Our Philosophy

We could tell you about our attention to detail, our selection of Quality (but especially Premium) Raw Materials,

such as Red Shrimp from Mazara del Vallo, Pistachio from Bronte, Red Tuna from the Mediterranean, Fresh Norwegian Salmon, etc...

or of our Live Sushi Station, our Format for you to experience sushi preparation "Live" in front of your eyes.

Or how from the harmonious fusion of ingredients come to life innovative dishes that can take you on a journey of discovery of new flavors.

Of our Gin & Cocktails Selection, to enhance each flavor specially designed to make you live and travel with each of the 5 senses.

But we want you to decide and live your Sushi Fusion "Live Experience" to the fullest.

Γ€ la Carte Menu

Elegance, finesse and creativity within everyone's reach

Our Location

We could tell you about how magical it is to experience an evening in our Garden, where you can enjoy a spectacular view of Stromboli. (The places are limited)

On our Outdoor Veranda or in our indoor Jungle room, where you can experience a journey through the lights and colors of our indoor location where you will be enveloped by the sinuosity of the seating and the elegance of every detail.

But we prefer that you live and choose which environment inspires your Sushi Fusion "Live Experience" the most.

Experience Live wherever you want, even at home!

Delivery & Take Away Service

Enjoy a unique multi-sensory experience with our Delivery & Take Away service πŸ₯‘

Now you can bring the Live Fusion Experience right to your door!

βœ… Tuesday through Sunday for both Lunch and Dinner.

βœ… Order online quickly, easily and securely πŸ”’

βœ… Choose the time slot for pickup or delivery of your order.

βœ… Choose whether to conveniently and securely pay directly from the app with Credit Card or Cash at checkout.

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